Empress | Emperor (lifeofprivilege) wrote,
Empress | Emperor

About the Empress and Emperor

The Empress and Emperor are NPC characters that I created to for the sole purpose of facilitating smut threads at the_love_hotel for my characters.

They are also interactive if someone is really interested in playing with them, but they are not flushed out OCs. They don't even have names, only titles. Currently they are basic archetypes of what a decadent Emperor and decadent Empress might be like from the Ancient Roman times. I make no claim for accuracy of the times, this all simply for fun and smut.

Most often they will be used for The Glory of Rome type threads and occasion will be switched to Greek type settings as well. Since the two cultures, while different do share a few similarities.

Take care not to offend them, if your characters do choose to interact with them as they aren't above killing insolent subjects.
Tags: !npcs, !ooc
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